Tardo Old Building Ibero-Roman city of Basti

Ibero-Roman city of Basti

Tardo Old Building

This part, is today the only example we have of a street-related forum, this street unlike the canonical cities Roman enters a corner of the forum when you should enter the central area, although it should be noted that we are in a city where the Romans adapted the previous planning, the ways of the hill and some buildings there prior to which the Roman urbanism that you can see here is not the canonical urbanism books architecture of the period and in this west side of the forum have the first building clear delimiting the forum on this side, is a bay of a series of rooms on this side of which there are pools, some underground tanks coated opus signinum, which was a hydraulic lime intended to contain liquids to store water, wine, oil, order any product to be stored underground and now we know that this building has an old slow chronology is related to the time of recovery of the deposit in the seventh century BC and we suspect that there must be a Roman building at that address on which this ancient building abuts late as in the north side of the forum.
This series of walls that are here in the middle, which are dividing the spaces of the terrace and terrace has remained long in use, to go crumbling and falling terrace walls they do is put new patches on old and bottom wall are the remains of a small monument to the time of the founding of the forum.