Roman Forum Ibero-Roman city of Basti

Ibero-Roman city of Basti

Roman Forum

The first discovery of this great excavation, is that the city had a forum, this forum unfortunately only retain the urban traces of it, the original levels of the forum have been completely plundered in ancient times and in later times. Keep in mind that the deposit was worked until about 10 years ago, bringing all those levels sequencing Roman era have disappeared, but we know that the forum is organized in two terraces, upper terrace located on the left side and the lower terrace on the right side.
In the case of the upper deck we know that we are facing an open space because what we find directly are at levels that are the collapses of the Iberian Iberian houses in the neighborhood of houses destroyed to build the forum at any given time of the first century AC, say that what we have here is another interesting fossilized prior planning that has not yet been excavated.
The boundaries of the original forum not know we're all alone insurance on the north side of one of the buildings, on the other sides of the forum we have are buildings much later chronology and as has not expanded the excavation do not know exactly what buildings surrounding the square.
Here you can see the type of construction of the Roman and Iberian walls, as an example we have an old Roman wall late and this is an Iberian wall which was destroyed to make the square and usually in the Iberian walls is a selection of certain stones of jabaluna, limestone and songs then very different from what can be seen on the walls of much later origin, as well as most of the Iberian houses are erected in adobe bricks baked in the sun stone, we have are landslides of those bricks that are of different colors red, yellow, green, very different fillings that you are in the collapse of Roman and post-Roman rooms.