Temple Ibero-Roman city of Basti

Ibero-Roman city of Basti


This is currently the most important building is known uptown reservoir is a reservoir that would probably be the first archaeological excavations of the twentieth century and was fully excavated in the 40s by Angel houses, which he has given us problems and we have graphs or documentation of the excavation of that time.
In recent years we have done some research on the building both cleaning and lateral polls to try to know something about its founding and today we know that the building is constructed in late period of Augustus probably in the second quarter of the first century AD The building is constructed with a large shoe lime on a plant quadratum opus, which are these large blocks attached to bone and make a square room that was entered through the west side, the side facing the forum, you should know have some pseudo decorating system pilasters and some architectural elements, but we can not yet make a reliable reconstruction of the self and the ground we have in principle might be a temple but we suspect rather it should be a Thesaurus,is a store which can have both civilian character as a religious character, if civilian is to collect taxes in the area and if it is sacred is the place where the offerings to an important temple are saved, and therefore instead of stored in the temple are stored in an outbuilding. The fact is that this building subsequently undergoes a transformation in the late old age, and he rebuilt the interior wall, he climbs the door, add a series of rooms on the west side whose functionalities not know and that is seen in a series of blocks that are relocated, unlike the original which are attached to bone, all these stones they have are gravel because those who are rebuilding the blocks are no longer masons, so they are doing is placing gravel and some kind different from lime to get done the union, the functionality of this building late former have no idea what it is, we are far from knowing.
Has always been the foundation of this building excelling in the field and probably in the XIV century due to the visibility there at this point and the large number of stone in around the Moorish kingdom decides to build one of these watchtowers, as you see here is the circumference that is embedded inside the building and the tower that would rise 11 meters with superior booth so it was a torrero surveillance and alerted when there was some danger and keep alert to the castles and other fittings.