Tomb 155 Necrópolis Ibérica de Cerro Santuario

Necrópolis Ibérica de Cerro Santuario

Tomb 155

This is the camera number 155 which is where appeared the figure of the lady, as you can see this very destroyed because at some point someone decided to put a backhoe to see if there was something else and eventually deform the tomb destroying much of the walls, of which we only have three corners. The tomb of Lady has a number of features, the first is that it is a grave one burial, contained only one deceased who was this woman who was introduced to the statue and tomb virtually no architectural structure, is a camera directly dug in the ground without any coating and gives a sense of haste by way of introducing the outfit and prepare this burial.
The Trappings of Lady has some curious features, was 4 amphorae in each of the corners of the tomb, had a number of very particular urns with some pretty special decorations unparalleled within the Iberian-bastetano scene and also had a lot of weapons inside the tomb was built right in the center of the chamber. For some researchers this accumulation of weapons which corresponds to full equipment 3 or 4 warriors can answer that at the time of burial would have some kind of bloodless duel, duels such customers make an aristocrat to die make a series of mourning rituals and weapons are part of the burial ritual and weapons are amortized within the chamber, the superstructure know very little, in a photo shows that it is possible to have a mound of mud to señalizarla, but has nothing left Presedo documentation.
In the last excavation that occurred here on the west side of this huge hole has appeared a funerary structure is not a burial but a bustum, a place where cremations of bodies are made, this structure is a place that is dug in the ground is prepared and coated with mud and it cremations are done and hence when the bodies are reflected in the polls which can and the rest is amortized over other graves and finally as this place has a certain sacredness of the place where they are burning the corpses and part of her trousseau are amortized on a special form, in this case was amortized with a layer of mud brick that was what I first encountered during excavation, each holes that can be seen on the surface that is excavated by Presedo corresponds to a large chamber excavated at the time, in the excavation of 1968-1971 about 179 tombs of which 30 or 40 were excavated are medium and large chambers , then there is another type of burials that are smaller but have barely left visible traces today.