Tomb 179 Necrópolis Ibérica de Cerro Santuario

Necrópolis Ibérica de Cerro Santuario

Tomb 179

This is the camera 179 of the excavation Presedo which is the last chamber which enumerates in his work and unfortunately do not have any description of the works published in the 80s, because there is no single description and the tomb is reflected in périmé general trías excavation thus assume that the tomb was excavated by looters and Presedo then saw the structure and then incorporated in périmé general trías excavation, is a type of very characteristic tomb area trick here in the sanctuary area which is a fista, these four vertical slabs forming a box-and we know that the tomb had a plaster floor covered also plaster walls, painted but probably are not any other paintings.
The most interesting of this tomb 179 have verified that presents a corridor of hits on stride west of the grave side, for a recess in the jabaluna inspected, built by the Iberians themselves and that leads to a small hallway coated appreciated plaster would be the way to enter and exit the fista, the original cover of the tomb we know nothing and probably with the razed this field around can not say much more. Another curious feature of this burial is that is destroying a previous structure, a sort of semicircle dug in the ground and covered in plaster which forms a sort of bucket or tub, at the edges where if we could pick up some archaeological information we know that it is a fossa which was amortized intentionally covered with a layer of mud and geological earth moved and could correspond to a bustum but we have no data to fine tune, what is clear is that when they built the fista knew that this structure was fista there because symmetrically destroys this tub.