Tomb 183 Necrópolis Ibérica de Cerro Santuario

Necrópolis Ibérica de Cerro Santuario

Tomb 183

This is the camera 183 which was discovered in 2013 and is located on the edge of the excavation of Presedo, who came not to touch her, and thinking has a number of features that make it very interesting, firstly has great size and are 176 or 155 and in this case we retain the architectural structure in fairly good condition, this architectural structure is a pit dug in the ground lined with an adobe wall like the 176 and on its northwest side has an input system, a small hallway that by allowing descend to the camera and turn on the east side was a kind of lobby that is not fully excavated and I still do not know completely that seems sort of room to hold banquets or ceremony that made about that camera, the most interesting of this camera was that the tomb was looted by the Iberians themselves the original outfit was broken and scattered on the floor of the chamber, this outfit could be dated to the end of the V century BC or so and after that looting things of value probably disappeared, the tomb began to have a marginal use for a period of time it can establish 40 or 50 years continuous and systematic entry into the tomb occurs to deposit burials of children by couples with less than two years all boys and introduced into couples and we believe that is taking some kind of sacrifice or some ritual related with necromancy and for a time this ritual is performed inside the tomb and at some point someone decides to stop the ritual and finally a heap of mud is built to fully amortize.
This would be the first tomb stands on the highest point of the necropolis.