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Necrópolis Ibérica de Cerro Santuario

The Cerro del Santuario is a necropolis of Iberian time, excavated between 1968 and 1971, which known as the Lady of Baza in 1971. This cemetery funerary statue was mainly in use between the ages found V-IV BC with a consistent rite in the cremation and deposition of ashes in tombs, which could range from simple pits with a clay urn until chambers excavated in the ground, with a much richer trousseau, weapons, import Greek ceramics and decorative elements gold and bronze, among other offerings. At present about 184 burials are known it, to which the foundations of a Roman funerary monument turriforme, which represents the continuity of the sacredness of this area long after the Iberians finished using it are added. This necropolis is one of the most important to know the world of death among former bastetanos.