Roman building Necrópolis Ibérica de Cerro Santuario

Necrópolis Ibérica de Cerro Santuario

Roman building

It is a foundation built with masonry collected from various sites linked with lime and retain some decorated elements masonry and with these we could reconstruct the monument and we know that this is a Roman monument type turriforme forming a tower of almost 8 meters high, one sort of semi-underground crypt containing the original burial and the two walls facing east would a kind of porch to hold benches where one could access the interior of the tomb, this kind of tomb is of Punic origin, although at that time was spread extensively throughout the Roman territory and we know that some ceramics that had the monument belonged to the Augustan period around the turn of time, implying that although he had abandoned 200 years this necropolis is still used cemetery nearby and the funny thing is this monument could belong to one of the most powerful families in basti.